Sherry Li

Sherry Li


Sherry Li is the Director and founder of Melbourne Owners Corporation Services. She prides herself on her competitive achievements in the industry in gaining new management business, and providing personalised services and ensuring client satisfaction.

Sherry has more than a decade’s experience in property management, property investment and business development. Held in high esteem particularly among the Chinese community as well as the Australian market, Sherry has a sophisticated grasp of property management requirements, combined with expertise in meeting developers’ needs. Her approach to clients has always been professional and precise, catering specifically to their budgeting needs and property concerns.

As the preferred Owners Corporation Managers for developers across Melbourne, Sherry has plenty of experience in dealing with modern and sophisticated property complexes. Sherry consults businesses and developers to ensure that their developments receive the most up-to-date information and industry “best practice”.

Sherry leads MOCS into rapid growth over the years and excels in all aspects of managing an Owners Corporation while adhering strictly to the Owners Corporations Act 2006. Read more here.

Ph:       03 9818 2488
Mob:    0430 290 366