Weekly FAQ #3 – Can a proxy holder transfer their proxy to someone else?

Weekly FAQ #3 – Can a proxy holder transfer their proxy to someone else?

Proxy a proxy

Q. I’m a proxy on behalf a lot owner and elected to be on the Committee. I cannot attend the upcoming Committee Meeting, can I proxy someone else to attend on my behalf?

A. The simple & direct answer is no, because a proxy must not transfer the proxy to a third party under Section 87 (3)(c) of the Owners Corporations Act 2006.

This is problematic especially in a Committee who are formed largely by lot owners in the name of their company, superfund, etc as most of them would have been a proxy on behalf of the entities. One of the ways to get around it is to appoint yourself under the power of attorney on behalf of the entity. That way, you can appoint a proxy to represent you in your absence.

Taking an Active Approach to Strata Services

Weekly FAQ #2 – Leaking Balconies

Weekly FAQ #2 – Leaking Balconies

Q. The balcony of the above unit is leaking into my unit. What can I do?

A. The quickest way is to inform the unit above of the water ingress coming from their unit possibly. Most of the time they would not realised that water has gone into your unit. If you have no luck contacting the lot owner / residents of the above unit, please contact the OC Manager who shall assist you in contacting the lot owner.

In Victoria, the waterproofing mechanism is usually the responsibility of the lot owner to maintain. The Owners Corporation cannot undertake repairs on behalf of the lot owner unless it has been properly authorised/resolved to do so.

Weekly FAQ #1 – Insurance Premium & Cost Savings

Weekly FAQ #1 – Insurance Premium and Cost Savings 

Q. Our insurance premium is too high, can’t we just reduce the insured building amount? It is unlikely that we will ever claim the whole amount anyway!

A. The insurer will request that a property insurance valuation report be done for any request to reduce the insured amount. Reducing the insured amount is not the right way to cut cost. A lot of strata properties are under insured and poses a huge financial risks to property owners.
At MOCS, we will always call for multiple quotations prior to the renewal of the insurance to ensure you get the best value for money!